I had my last chemo treatment today!  From this point on, I can concentrate on being well instead of being sick. Well, to be realistic there will be a little period of being sick following today’s infusion of cancer-killing poisons into my system, but this time I won’t be waiting to feel better so I can get knocked down again.  So I’m feeling pretty good about it.

I have been blessed -with wonderful family, good friends, prayers, meals, phone calls, emails and more love and support than I could have imagined.  I was blessed from the beginning with a doctor who nagged me to go and get my mammogram.  We found this thing early and were able to attack it and send Herman on his way! As these things go, this was a good one.  Not exactly a journey I would wish on anyone, and we’ve had some bumps in the road, but this has been much better than it could have been if I had waited even six more months to find out what was lurking in my body.  Please girls, get those mammograms.  And guys, encourage the women in your life to get that done.

When my treatment was over, I got to take part in a tradition at the infusion center at St. Luke’s.  When you finish chemo, the nurses and staff gather around and you get to ring a bell, and everyone claps and celebrates with you.  I’m not really big on public displays like that, but this was special.  I got a little certificate, signed by all the nurses.  They were all so great.  I have had great care from the doctors, nurses, and all the staff at the St. Luke’s Cancer Center.  Those folks are rock stars!

Now, I get to concentrate on getting well.  The doc said today it will take 4-8 weeks for all the chemo drugs to clear my system, and up to a year to get all my energy back, but I will now be getting better every day instead of sicker, and I really like that dynamic.  There are lots of things I can do – healthy eating, adding more activity after the chemo is really out of my system, even if I’m tired, sunshine, getting back into a social life. Cleaning my house.  Cooking again.  Hugging the grandkids whether they have a runny nose or not.  Hopefully being able to read and write for longer than a few minutes.  Getting out of town.  I can’t wait to get started.

God is good.  This hasn’t been easy, and getting well will be a challenge.  But God is good.  Like the song says, “I find you when I fall apart.”  It’s true.  Every time this has seemed undoable, when I’ve been discouraged, or tired, or sick, or all of the above, God has been there, and sent helpers, words of encouragement, hugs, understanding. No one has ever had so many stretcher bearers.  And, always, God’s precious own presence.  I have experienced it in such a very real way. There have been some dark nights, and then God as there, and it wasn’t so dark.

I’ve learned a lot about being open with God and honest about anger, disappointment, and fear. God can take it.

Thank you all for your prayers, and all the encouragement and support.  It’s a good day!


3 thoughts on “DONE!

  1. Nancy Krause

    Good for you and thank you for writing about your experiences as that has got to help others. Keep going strong as you are a winner!

  2. Sue Powers

    so very glad this part of this journey is here! My own sister starts chemo Monday…first case of breast cancer in our family ever…so of course…”this changes everything”. Going to schedule my own overdue mammo next week…and know there are many praying for your strength…your journey back to the future…because your future is in HIS very capable hands…Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow and flow and flow…blessings….

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