My new blog


The title of my new blog was suggested by one of my sons.  It comes from a song, “When Mama Prayed,” which was recorded by Randy Travis.

When Mama prayed, good things happened
When Mama prayed, lives were changed…

It isn’t like every one of them got answered
But the times they weren’t it seems to me were rare
You almost felt sorry for the devil
‘Cause heaven knows he didn’t have a prayer
When mama prayed

This mama does pray – for my kids, for people I encounter at work, for my friends, for ambulances that pass me on the street, and certainly for myself. C.S. Lewis said that he prayed because that was how God changed him.  And I like to think my life is part of the change that happens when Mama prays.

But don’t worry, I’m not just going to blog about prayer, though it may figure in blogs about everything from the meaning of life to the wonder of grandchildren to the love of basketball and rock and roll.  We’ll see.  Saint Paul said we were to pray without ceasing,  so why not?


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