A Geeky Family


I love my geeky/nerdy family.  For instance, last Friday we engaged in an all-day debate via email and instant messaging as to whether the Donner party actually ate each other.  (Conclusion:  sadly, they probably did, though there still stands the chance it was some sort of warped 19th century publicity stunt).

Sara can name the entire British royal line back to prehistory, John talks about Greek and Roman mythology AND American history like it was last night’s episode of Lost, and Sam can quote you any historical sports statistic you can name, and throw in a theological point,  just to keep it interesting.

And then there are us old folks.  I know just enough to be dangerous about history, art, and literature (though I have not, as my daughter has, read my way through all of Shakespeare’s plays).  The family history obsession is probably my fault.  We never took them to Disney World, but we drug them through every roadside history museum we came across, with a few cemetery tours thrown in for good measure.

We don’t call Monty “Mark Trail” for nothing.  If it is outside, Monty knows how it works and whether or not it will kill you.  Sort of a middle-aged Bear Grills, with better sense than to hang off the side of mountains and eat bugs.  At least I hope so.  He also remembers absolutely everything he reads or sees on TV, or hears first-hand.  While this is a sort of annoying trait in a spouse,  it makes him one heck of an interesting person to hang out with.

Seriously, you want this bunch on your Trivial Pursuit team.  I love them, and they keep life interesting.  And I’m proud of the way they use the minds God gave them to look at the world through different perspectives.  Call us if you want to play Trivia!


One thought on “A Geeky Family

  1. Sara

    And your son-in-law knows every Trivial Pursuit sports question. Not kidding. He can even fake his way through the golf questions.

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