What Harry Would Say…


It’s a rare day when I am glad my father isn’t around any more.  He died over 20 years ago and I still miss him.  But today I am glad he’s not here, because what is going on in Washington would give him a stroke.  He was a great believer in the nation he gave the end of his teens and his early young adulthood to defend.  He was an enthusiastic participant in the political system, as was my mother.  They brought up kids who were participants in the system, too, including one who ran for national office.  Dad was a devoted capitalist, cared about the less fortunate among us not as political tools and economic dependents,  but as people to be brought into the capitalist system he loved and respected.  He thought everyone should and could have the opportunity to succeed and that no one should be demeaned by being made a dependent on government handouts.  He believed with all his heart this was possible, and that there were good, strong leaders who would go to Washington and make these important things happen.  He believed that individuals and governments paid their bills on time, avoided extravagance of every kind, and put the interests of many before the interests of a few.

He would be having a stroke if he could see the sorry show our nation’s leaders are putting on right now – on both sides of the aisle.  The posturing and fighting for position, rhetoric, and air time would make him sick.  The self-serving nature of the debate, on each side, would make him crazy.  The lack of leadership and character would break his heart.

I know, because it’s breaking mine.  I’m watching his great-grandchildren’s future wash down the drain in a flood of lies and half-truths from a bunch of millionaires in $2,000 suits.  I am watching the nation he gave his youth to defend, and the rest of his life to supporting with his time and his money crumble under the weight of self-service and political wrangling.

If Dad were here, he would say “throw the bums out, each and every one.”  And I would agree with him.  What has happened in Washington these past few weeks is truly shameful.  Out of respect for my Dad, and for my Mom, and for myself, my kids and my grandchildren, I am contacting all those who purport to represent me and them and letting them know how disgusted I am.  They are just lucky Harry isn’t here to tell them.


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