Herman’s Demise, part one accomplished!


DISCLAIMER:  I am taking painkillers, so please excuse spelling, grammar, any and all goofy statements!

Well, the first step in Herman’s demise has been accomplished!  Surgery yesterday went well.  The surgeon said he got all of Herman, and the lymph nodes were clear. There will be a complete pathology report next week, but things look good.  Next step:  about 6 weeks of radiation, beginning probably sometime in January. Doesn’t sound like much fun, but  by all accounts totally doable and not too disruptive of life in general.  That should help be sure that Herman is history.

Yesterday was  long and hard, and in many ways a lesson in humility.  Nothing like hospital gowns, dozens of people looking at parts of you that “ladies always keep covered,” getting those same parts painted orange, and throwing up to keep you humble!

But it was also an amazing experience of prayer and God’s presence.  I truly felt all of your prayers, and the last thing I remember before the lights went out was hearing Pastor Nancy Paul’s voice in my head reading scripture.  The worst moment of surgery for me is always that point where I have to tell Monty goodby and go through the doors alone.  This time, I really didn’t feel so alone.  I felt God’s presence, and not nearly as afraid. I am so blessed with prayers and friends.  I can’t be thankful enough.

I can’t say enough good things about the doctors, nurses, technicians and everyone at St. Luke’s South and the Goppert Center.  They were so kind, and gentle and skilled.  They were all awesome.

That’s all now.  Time to go be dopey.  – Jen




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