Update on Herman’s Demise


Lots of good news to share. The doctor called today with the basics of the pathology report. The lymph nodes are clear – that’s a biggie! The “margin” of good cells around the invasive tumor (the heart of Herman) is also good and clear – so most of him is gone. This is all very good news.

One little hitch – the margin around the non-invasive cancer cells – the cells that are not quite right but haven’t actually become part of Herman, was not clear enough. So….in a few weeks Dr. Shook will need to go in and do some more housekeeping. Leave it to me to have messy margins.

We have an appointment with Dr. Shook on the 28th and we’ll schedule that little bit of housekeeping then, and also talk about any other treatment that might be needed according to the full report – radiation for sure in February, don’t know yet about anything else.

I just have to say it again – I am so blessed with friends and prayers.

The Lord will fight for me; I have only to be still. (Exodus 14:14) I’m not very good at it, but I’m learning!


3 thoughts on “Update on Herman’s Demise

  1. Susan Powers

    AWESOME news! We will continue to lift your health before the Father Who loves you so much…and watch Him at work (still…again…) in your lives…Praise be to God!

  2. Cathy Burns

    So celebrating with you!!!! What a wonderful answer to prayer!!! Herman has been slayed!!! Also love the verse from Exodus that you are claiming …. praying you can truly picture Our Great Physician in there fighting for you as you rest quietly and trust in His promises!!!

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