Working from Home and Other Adventures


Quick update on the Herman Situation.  I had a bilateral mastectomy on March 15.  I planned on 1 week recovery.  My body (and everyone else) planned on at least 2 weeks.  My body (and everyone else) won.  I have been recuperating at home.  The pathology reports were good. The surgeon sounds pretty confident that he did a good job of removing all traces of Herman.  I have a little more post-surgery healing to do, and then I’ll do some follow up chemotherapy beginning in about 4 weeks and continuing for about 6-8 months.  Meanwhile, I’ve been back to work a little bit and the rest of the time have been working from home.

Some things I’ve discovered about working at home:

  • The wardrobe is quiet comfortable, but you have to be careful that a well meaning friend, neighbor or co-worker doesn’t drop by and discover you in your pajamas at 3 pm, or answering emails while wearing old beat-up sweat pants and a t-shirt with the hem out.
  • The lunch selections are better, especially if you have been the recipient of amazing gifts of leftover producing meals from some really great cooks.  Boy, can my friends and neighbors cook.
  • The cat does not make a very good co-worker.  He drinks out of my water glass, knocks papers off my “desk,” and likes to sit on the computer keyboard.  He also refuses to answer the phone and he picks fights with the other coworkers (the dogs).  However, he’s cute and fluffy and soothing when he purrs.
  • The dogs act as Office Security.  No one will bother me with those two furry doorkeepers barking and growling.  They are hilarious.
  • It is not a bad thing to have nap space.  Offices everywhere should have nap space.
  • Daytime television is no substitute for my smart, funny, and engaged coworkers.  Not even the cute kittens on animal planet.

Hopefully, I will be back on a more regular work schedule very soon.  Home is nice, but I miss everyone at Resurrection and need to quit watching the Cute Kittens and HGTV and put on my Big Girl clothes!




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